On the night of a local DIY show, the frontwoman of a hardcore-punk band struggles to cut ties with her volatile boyfriend--the band's drummer--while agonizing over the repercussions this will have on both his will to live and the band as a whole.  Set in the moments leading up to what could be the band's final performance, Pet Rituals is a film about the joys and hazards of living passionately.


“I grew up and into the New England hardcore scene during high-school. While small, the shows we booked - at American Legion Halls, in basements, at any place that would have us, really - tapped into the isolation and frustrations of being a kid with a firm distrust of my environment--the politicians, the advertisements, the music. These anxieties built up into an ineffable need-to-do-anything feeling that resonated through a crowd of other “other” minded kids; kids who could thrash and yell for a few hours every few weeks and feel a sense of momentary belonging. That singular feeling was incredibly special to me, and so I am making this film as a love letter to the scene which shaped me, a scene which gave me a space to exorcise the anger and anxiety and untapped love that came from being an elementally dissatisfied kid, and allowed me to have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. ”
- J. Casey Modderno, Director